About Us



Welcome to Ebony and Flo—your go-to spot for mirrors that bring the 'wow' without the 'ouch' to homes all over Australia. Based in sunny Perth, we're the online mirror havens here to prove that good taste doesn't need a trust fund.

It all started when my daughter spotted a fancy mirror in the window of West Elm. We thought, "Why should those mirror vibes be exclusive to the well-heeled?" so, armed with determination and a touch of DIY spirit, we kicked off our mirror venture on the facebook marketplace. Spoiler alert: it didn't stay humble for long.

From those awkward Facebook haggles to a full-blown mirror obsession, Ebony & Flo was born. We're like the fairy godmothers of home decor—minus the glitter and with a knack for delivering mirrors to your doorstep.

Our mirrors aren't your grandma's hand-me-downs or something you need a bank loan to afford. Nope, these are fresh, fabulous, and won't break the bank. We've got everything from sleek and modern to quirky and charming all the mirrors you didn't know you needed until now.

Sure, we're based in Perth, but our mirrors have spread across Australia faster than a meme on the internet. Sharing is caring. 

So, take a scroll through our collection, pick a mirror that speaks to your soul (or at least your living room), and let us do the heavy lifting. Because everyone deserves a mirror that says, "I've got my life together, and I look good doing it."